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Our Outdoor Life

The Legacy
Goes On

I was thrown back to the decade before when we first started packing babies into the mountains to hunt.
I reminisced of all the years since. The memories blurred my eyes.
Now, 10 years later, she carried the gun, her hand in her daddy’s…

I Am a Woman
I Am a Hunter

Many women hunters thrive on being told how tough they are and that they can be “one of the guys…”
I do not do it to be tough or to “be one of the guys” …
because I am not.
I am one of the girls.
I am a woman.
And I am a Hunter

Along for the Ride

We do the hard thing of packing up our kids, slowing down our steps, and taking them with us because hunting is about so much more; it’s the memories made, the lessons taught, the laughter heard and the tears wiped as challenges are overcome and success is celebrated.


This is My Classroom

A place where they are free to learn and grow; where they can discover who God made them to be; their dreams, their passions, their gifts and talents.
This is their classroom.

The Eraser

It’s not always clean, because this is real life,these are real children, and this is real learning.
Because I am a real mom.
But…when all the eraser dust settles, the masterpiece will be seen.

The Dining Room Table

The longer I stood there, the deeper I saw.
There, before me was so much more than a table.
There before me stood my life…

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Being a family has ups and downs. You hurt each other, you heal each other, but you never leave each other.
I am grateful to do real life, all the good and all the bad, with these people, against this backdrop!

Being a momma is my favorite thing.
#duckhunting #waterfowl #momlife

I have been struggling, lately, with the passing of time.
With two teenagers now, and only one little, I am seeing the pace of time quicken.
I am experiencing this deep pain of mourning, as I reminisce each precious phase of these kids’ lives pass before my very eyes, wishing I could get it back again, if only just for a moment.
I long to rock babies, hold toddlers, and walk hand in hand with my littles again.
I yearn to go back and do each phase a million times over.
I want to slow each moment down, extending it forever.
It hurts.
But I am learning that I cannot let the passing of one season rob me the joy of the next.
I cannot let the dread of it coming to an end cheat me out of the delight of the moment I am in.
As I look at this picture I know that this season will also be one I hold onto so dearly, and will one day mourn the passing of.
Although there will be no more nursing babies, little hands reaching for help, or middle of the night rocking-chair snuggles, there is now sitting around a table talking about the big things in life, walking them through big, hard decisions, laughing at their teenage humor, and watching them become who they were created to be, with a deep admiration for who that is.
It`s not over, it is just a different season, one where the stakes feel higher and the time shorter, but the blessings are just as abundant.
I will continue to fight, these days, not to mourn the passing of time, but instead, to celebrate it;
to truly comprehend that this is what it was all about, all along… raising them up…
Motherhood is the highest calling and greatest joy of my life, through all the seasons.

I don’t know what most teenagers do on Thanksgiving day, but this is what ours do. #duckhunting ...