Called to the Top


The Legacy Goes On

I was thrown back to the decade before when we first started packing babies into the mountains to hunt.
I reminisced of all the years since.  The memories blurred my eyes.
Now, 10 years later, she carried the gun, her hand in her daddy’s…

The Dining Room Table

The longer I stood there, the deeper I saw. There, before me was so much more than a table.
There, before me stood my life…

This is my Classroom

A place where they are free to learn and grow; where they can discover who God made them to be; their dreams, their passions, their gifts and talents.
This is their classroom.

I Am a Woman
I Am a Hunter

Many women hunters thrive on being told how tough they are and that they can be “one of the guys…”
I do not do it to be tough or to “be one of the guys” …
because I am not.
I am one of the girls.
I am a woman.
And I am a Hunter

10 Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping

The preparation takes days, the gear is endless, the showers are few and the bug bites plentiful. Why do we, week after week leave the comforts of our home, the conveniences of our life and go live in the woods?

4 Benefits to Processing Your Own Game

We put in the time, energy and money to harvest an animal…
But what happens after the tag is punched?
What happens after we pull the meat off the side of the mountain?

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