Not Your Grandfathers Wool: A review of the PROIS Merino wool Line

As Grammy got out of the car, she unloaded all the surprises she had brought for the kids, as she always does.
The kids gathered around as she reached down and grabbed the last item out of the trunk; a wool coat that their papa had worn years ago on his pack trips.

She tossed it to the kids and they all dove to be the first to grab it, the little one ending up the winner.
She snuggled it up to her face, relishing the victory.

“Ouch!” she quickly cried out as she dropped it to the ground.

The other two dove after it, fighting over who would be the victor.

They, then jumped back, as though it were on fire, yelling,
“This hurts!”
“It feels like slivers!”
“It itches!”
“I don’t want it!”

Their grandmother started in on them: “It’s wool! We lived in wool! It’s the only thing that could keep us warm in those cold Minnesota winter months.”

They rolled their eyes.
I laughed.

I have never experienced the windchill of Minnesota because I was born and raised a western mountain girl, but I have heard it’s bone-chilling.

I do, however, know the need for warm gear as I live and hunt just an hour from the town that takes the record of being the overall coldest in the lower 48.

I also know that I don’t just need to be warm, I like to be comfortable too, and that old school wool isn’t cutting it.

Enter merino wool.

My first experience with this magical fabric was on a snowmachine trip with my husband.
I had stripped down to only a long sleeve shirt.

“I think I am having hormone issues.” I told my husband.
He looked at me like I was crazy, “Why?”  He dared to ask.

“Because I am wearing only a long sleeve shirt and I’m not cold at all.
Plus, I am sweating and I don’t even stink!”
He shook his head, sighing “It’s not hormones. It’s Merino.”

When we got home I started drilling him in order to learn about this magic fabric.

Merino wool is just that, wool; but not your grandpa’s wool.
Merino is wool from the Merino sheep.
The fibers are much finer than standard sheep’s wool, making it soft and not itchy, yet still just as warm!
It’s also not as heavy, bulky and dries faster than traditional wool.
Did I mention it doesn’t itch?

It wicks moisture, keeps you warm in the winter and…. wait for it… cool in the heat!!
It also has a miraculous ability to resist odor!
A total game changer!

The best part?
Prois makes an entire line of Merino wool for WOMEN that want to get up, get out and stay warm!
They have a complete underlayer system including pants, tops, glove liners and more!

Our grandparents knew the value of wool and Prois has taken it to the next level.
Hold on to your knickers, grandma, Prois is bringing you into the 21st century!

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Review written for
Great American Wildlife