Hunting has always been a part of my life. When I was less than one year old my Dad carried me on his back during my mom’s first bear hunt. We have always hunted as a family. Year after year, that is what we do. But this year was different; this year I was the tag holder! And I was after a bear

When I was nine, I completed my Hunter Safety course so that I was ready to hunt on my tenth birthday. When the snow melted, we went shooting to get the gun ready for me. The only thing left to do was to start baiting.

We hiked to the place where we wanted to put the bait out, set the buckets down, and rested our tired legs for a bit. Once we were rested up, the fun began! My family and I had a blast spreading the bait out. My dad put the trail camera up and the wait began.

Almost every day we went and checked the camera. It was always so exciting to see if there had been a bear on the bait. We finally got a few pictures showing two different bears. I was so excited! One of the bears was a beautiful blonde color but it was very small. The other one was big and black. The moment I saw the picture of the blonde bear, I knew that was the bear I wanted!

One evening our whole family got ready and went out for a hunt. We quietly hiked to where the bait was and snuck into the blind. We hung out in the blind together, always looking out for a bear.

All of the sudden I said in a whisper, “Look there is the blonde bear!’’
I was the first one to see it. I was about to burst with joy! I was so happy that the blonde bear had come into the bait and not the black one.

I slowly put the scope up to my eye and then after a few seconds I got the bear into my cross hairs. My heart started pounding, faster and faster. I was shaking so badly. After dad said I could take a shot when I was ready, and the bear was broad side, I slowly pulled the trigger.


          “You got it!”   I heard everybody say.
         We all started cheering! I was so surprised and so very happy!
        We all rushed out of the blind to go see the bear! I stood there in awe, looking at my beautiful colored bear and thanking the Lord for an amazing and successful hunt. I was so thankful that my whole family could be there, even my three year old sister.

Overall, I learned that hard work pays off and to never give up. I will always remember that hunt and how God worked it all out perfectly.  

Find this hunt, written for the NRA, from the perspective of the parents here: THE LEGACY GOES ON


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