Called to the Top

What does it mean to be  “Called to the Top?”

It is the feeling of the highest peak calling out for us to come, discover and explore.

It is a call to the most remote places; the untouched space; where the wild things are.

It is a place of rest; where you unload that which is weighing you down and catch your breath as you gaze down and see where it is you came from.

It is where the air is thin and sweet; where the sounds of peace surround you.

It is where the vast space swallows you up, reminding you how small you really are; and how big He is.

Called to the Top

A pursuit, a passion, a deeper understanding of the greater picture.

It will not be ease and convenience that drives one to the top;
To get there, self must be set aside and sacrifices must be made.

It is a journey in which everything in you will be tested; weaknesses exposed, and strength discovered;

A journey where pain is felt, limits are pushed and drive is found.

It is knowing that when all we can see is the next step, we take it.
In faith.

As we lift our eyes to the mountains,  we are reminded where our help comes from.

It is a call that few answer.
It is not easy; many will give up.

As we stand on the top of the mountain that was created out of nothing
and we recognize He can move it with His very word,
we fall to our knees in awe of this creation,
but greater than that,
of the Creator who breathed it into life.

This is Called to the Top.