Elk Ivory Jewelry

You will find it in every culture from the beginning of time and across the ages.
In more recent years jewelry has been worn for trend or as an accessory.
However, in most parts of the world and throughout history, jewelry has been worn to symbolize something more meaningful or to tell a story.

I was a youthful 15 years old when I slipped on the first ring I ever owned; a ring I would wear for the next 10 years,
representing my faithfulness to a man I had not yet met, my future husband.  

It was replaced a decade later as the man of my dreams dropped to his knee and slipped a new ring onto my finger accompanied by great question.
I said ‘yes’ and I wore it with joy, anticipation and excitement.

Soon, that ring was joined to another as we stood to make a promise; a promise that, in good and hard times we would be joined together.
The hard times came like a storm and the ring remained a constant reminder that the commitment was to more than one another and brighter days would follow.

On my other hand I wear 3 small rings, each one etched with the name of a child;  
three silver bands representing our greatest gifts of all.
These rings are symbols of love, commitment and of tremendous responsibility.

Jewelry often memorializes important moments in our lives: experiences, commitments, memories.
My mother wears the most beautiful wedding ring that symbolizes her 50 year (and counting) commitment to my father. It is the diamond he slipped on her finger when she was 17 years old and it is set next to an elk ivory that she harvested by his side years later.  
A heritage we are thankful for.

Jewelry speaks.
It can tell a tail or remind us of a time we don’t want to let pass away.

It was Christmas Eve when our daughter experienced the joy of being able to wear a piece of jewelry that tells a part of her story.
She carefully unwrapped the small box containing a beautiful pair of earrings that her daddy made for her from the shell casing of her first bear and deer she harvested.
A pair of earrings that told the story of family, tradition and legacy.
2 simple posts that hold more memories and significance than anything she could buy at a jewelry store.  

One of our greatest joys is being able to show our children the magnificence of their creator though His creation.
All around us we find beauty, and in it we see the handiwork of the One that made and loves us.

The elk is one of His most awe-inspiring works; an animal that will stop you in place with its call and bring you to your knees with its beauty.  
Hidden away within this creature lies a masterpiece: the elk ivory.

A ring, a pendant or a pair of earrings made with these ivories are a beautiful way to enjoy His craftsmanship and to memorialize the hunt in which it was harvested.
They hold the most precious stories of the time, place and story behind them.
It is in these earrings, rings or bracelets we are reminded of the beautiful gift we have been given to hunt together.

This ring tells the story of a DIY Public Land Bull I harvested at the side of my husband; a hunt that pushed me beyond my limits and culminated with a blessing beyond my expectations.

The earrings hold a story from the same hunt, harvested by my husband, together with the ones he loves.

These pieces hold a story we will forever tell; the story of a blessing and a gift we can only thank God for.

As I look at my hand I am reminded of the heritage we have and the legacy we are leaving.
I am reminded of how creation speaks His name.
I am reminded of His provision, both on top of the hill and in the valleys.

*elk ivory piece custom made by Wilderness Mint

Article originally published at Great American Wildlife