To The Woman That Has Had An Abortion

This is a letter to the woman that has had an abortion.
Not the one marching in the street ‘shouting her abortion’ to promote the death of the pre-born, but the other one;
The one so desperately trying to turn off the noise from two sides of a war that is being fought all around her.
This is for her:

I see you.
I see you weeping out of confusion as you watch this war rage over something you did.
One side is shouting at you to celebrate the empowerment you should be feeling; the other side ready to hang you up for murder.

As everyone is talking at you from the screens, the monitors, and the earbuds about what you have done, I want to talk to you.
Woman to Woman.
I want to silence all the voices around you so you can hear only one;
the One that can bring clarity to it all.
The One with a message of Hope. Freedom. Forgiveness.

I don’t know your story and I don’t know your situation.
I have never had an abortion and can’t claim to understand what you were going through when you made that choice.

But I do understand fear.
I understand that the chains of fear can lead to making choices we later regret and wish we could undo; choices that haunt us.

I understand that sometimes those choices feel unforgivable.

But the truth is, feelings of condemnation and guilt are chains bound around us to keep us from real freedom.

But hear this:
There is a way out.
There is freedom.
In even this.

I love and serve a God that designed men, women and babies on purpose, for a purpose.
I stand firmly and steadfastly on One truth.

I fight to debunk the lies being told by those with no regard to truth or life; yours included.

As I stand against the evil that is shouting ‘my body; my choice,’   I am not standing against you.

As I stand against the sickness and the evil of those that celebrate the death of a baby, I am not standing against you.

I am standing with you; speaking to you;
Just you, in the quiet place where you can’t stop thinking about what you have done, wondering if it is the unforgivable sin.

We have all sinned.
Every single one of us.
You are not alone.
And the same offer is held out to each of us; the offer that tells us that when we turn from our sin, we will be forgiven.
What you have done is not unforgivable.
Do you hear that?
There is hope!
There is hope in this place you are in.
This dark, confusing, terrifying place.
There is hope.

Your story is not over.

They sold you a pack of lies.
They shouted that you would feel empowered.
Why don’t you, then?
Why does this ‘empowerment’ really feel like a dark place you can’t escape from?
A loud wall, built up to drown it out?
Chains you can’t shake.
Why does it haunt you?

Because they lied.
And they are still lying.

The voice of your baby was silenced, and they are trying to silence yours now, as well.
They are telling you that what you are feeling and the pain that comes from what you have done isn’t real.
They are silencing you so that more women will be robbed and left without a voice.
They have told you what to believe and it goes against everything in you.

They are trying to hijack femininity and replace it with feminism, which is nothing but counterfeit womanhood.

Your story is not over.

Where there is sin, there is pain.
You know this. Deeply.
Yet, in that same place, there is forgiveness.
Come to a place where you find freedom and healing.
Come to a place where you can lay down what you have done at the feet of the One that was there in that moment you did it.

He wept, yet He didn’t turn away.

So, will you come to that place?
Will you turn off all the noise and find a quiet place to mourn the loss of life that was taken.
To repent of the choice you made.
Will you come to the place where you find forgiveness and freedom?

Your story is not over.
It is not too late.

We are told by the One that made you and loves you that what was meant for evil, He can use for good.
Your choice can be turned into an incredible place of hope.
For you and for others.
Jesus tells us that He has a plan, and you are part of that incredible plan.
Don’t let your experience be for nothing.
Let this be the beginning of a new story.
A story of hope.
A story of grace and forgiveness.
A story of NEW LIFE!

The God that made you; the God that gave life to that baby that was inside you is the God that loves you. HE has not turned away from you.
He created womanhood from the beginning and wants to reclaim yours.
He, the one that gives life, wants you to be a voice to protect it!

Your story is not over.
Will you embrace truth, forgiveness and love?
Will you rise up and reclaim your femininity, your womanhood, and your story in order to save the thousands of unborn daily, awaiting their death sentence.
Will you expose the lies being sold; the lies damaging countless women each day? Women just like you.

To the mom who had an abortion,

Your story is not over.
Rather than ‘shout your abortion,’ you can lay it at the foot of the cross, get up and choose life!

To find out more about the incredible
love, forgiveness and peace that is offered you,


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  1. Great post. Loved that you told the truth and were bold enough to tell it like it is.

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