The 2nd Amendment: For More Than Just Gun Owners

What do you think of when you picture a second amendment supporter?
Some might see a person sporting a t-shirt and a truck full of bumper stickers stating their cause?
Others, a secluded man living in a remote cabin?
Perhaps the more rounded visualize a hunter or a protector of their home?

The answer varies, but they all point back to ‘one that has a passion for firearms.’

I want to challenge that thinking. That is not what the second amendment is, nor was it ever.
The second amendment is about much more than guns and it should be fought for and protected by every citizen of our nation.
Whether you have ever or will ever own a fire-arm; whether you live in a city or the country; whether you are a blue collar worker or the CEO of a leading company in your industry; the second amendment is for you.

The second amendment is for every law-abiding citizen of the United States of America.
This is because the second amendment is about something deeper, something more foundational.
It is but a small, yet important part of a larger cause.
It was written with a greater purpose in mind.
The second amendment is about freedom.
It’s about justice and independence.
It’s about heritage and honoring those that went before us and fought to get us here.
The second amendment is about liberty and truth.
It’s about standing up for who we are, where we came from and what we have been through.
The second amendment is about preserving history and protecting our future.
It is about upholding a standard.
The second amendment is about valuing life and the right to protect it.
It is about good over evil.

The second amendment is about holding onto the foundation that was set up at the establishment of our nation.
The government didn’t give us these rights. Rather, the government was created to protect and secure the rights we had already set as a people when we formed this nation.
It was constructed for a reason, with a purpose, by the people, for the people.  It was for our protection.
Without a foundation we have nothing to ground us, we are then run by fear and emotions. This leaves us vulnerable; individually and as a whole.
Without a foundation, we fall.

And that is the direction we are going if we do not look back to where we came from; if we forget our history.
There is a war going on. A war between ‘we the people.’ And it is destroying us.
We are rotting from the inside out and we need to go back to the beginning; back to the place where we started.
We need to remember where we came from, what we have been through and where we are now.
We need to be reminded of the wars that have been fought and the men that have died to hold this line.
We must not upturn the Rock this country was founded on and rebuild on shifting sands.

We have a duty, an obligation to protect what was set forth from the beginning.
It should not be the loudest voice that is heard, rather, it should be the voice that stands on a foundation and holds firm to truth.

So when you threaten to take away my second amendment right, you are threatening to take away more than my guns. You are threatening to strip me of the very freedoms we built this great nation on.
You threaten to rob me of the foundations set before my time.

The second amendment is not only for the love of guns; it is for the love of America, its foundations and it’s freedoms.


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  1. It is very important that every citizen learn about . In that way is more motivated to defend and protect our rights and understant that is so important . Thank You .

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